3rd Black Atlas Radio Interview with Maniac Flame

Maniac Flame’s back in the ring with Black Atlas Radio for a 3rd interview!

  • Highlights
  • Listen to Maniac Flame touch a little on his growing business ventures surrounding his music, TIZO BRANDS INC… | TIZO MUSIC LLC | TIZO RADIO LLC | TIZO MERCHANDISING LLC and the Tuned In Zoned out MOVEMENT! This is one low-key Cuddie when it comes to business, playing his cards close to his chest! A true visionary with the motivation, strength and, talent to accomplish anything he sets his mind to! Let’s see how this young man and his team touch our lives this year! I bet he is back in the studio with Black Atlas Radio many more times this year!

Many thanks to Black Atlas Radio for the great content! The interviews they do provide viewers a unique glimpse into the underground urban music scene!

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