Maniac Flame is an independent musician from North Vallejo Ca, The Crest. Saying Maniac Flame love’s to create music is an understatement, it’s the only thing as important to him as his family! You can hear the dedication to his craft in the lyrical stylings of his single “DON’T” a joint project with longtime friend Sage The Gemini.

Maniac Flame has a long proven history of hard work and successful outcomes, extending well into his early childhood. We will pick up at Fairfield High School where they would know him better as Tra’Mayne Bondurant star athlete, born leader, and professional record-breaker. Never settling for second best Tra’Mayne carried this talent on to the University of Arizona with a full-ride scholarship where the coaching staff knew they had a great athlete on their hands.

Maniac Flame: “UofA Football was a great opportunity and experience, I will always have love for the UofA and the sport.”

Now, back on his first career the FlameGOD has been working hard and found significant attention with the release of “McGregor Walk” in early 2017 released under Bash Town Music Group. Maniac Flame worked very hard to get the attention of and form a friendship with Conor McGregor and the UFC. The result has been almost a million streams on Spotify alone and the song was used in a UFC ad. Maniac Flame like Conor McGregor is a hard-charging individual and there is only one path for this young man! TO THE BAG!

After McGregor Walk he dropped his first professionally released EP entitled 93’ with TIZO MUSIC. Now with Maniac Flame’s portfolio filling in with hits like “DON’T” he is receiving the attention he has been working so hard for.

Maniac Flame has had many influences, but none more than Mac Dre, who he stayed with as a youngster and got the FlameGOD started freestyling at the early age of seven years.

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  • Music Label – TIZO MUSIC LLC

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