Maniac Flame opened for Bay Area music legend Mac Mall on the 5th of January at COMPLEX OAKLAND.

Maniac Flame said it was great to be doing a some work with Mac Mall again. Mac Mall has been an inspiration even since before they did this little SoundCloud vibe called “OG” on the FLAME SEASON album.

2019 was a solid year with the release of two(2) Albums (Adversity, Global) and five(5) Singles (Hope You Know, Don’t, MmHmm, Pain, Gotta Know). 2020 is starting off solid with invitations to more shows coming in, several albums in process and on the board, it has to feel good to see the schedule start to fill in so soon in 2020!

Maniac Flame and the TIZO team are in the lab with a pen and a pad! TIZO is the label that can do you a favor!

Expect great things out of TIZO MUSIC and MANIC FLAME in 2020! Big moves.

#maniacflame #therealmacmall

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